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Sign Painter Starter Pack

by Flying Squirrel Brush Co. , Colt Bowden , Derek McDonald , Frisso , Pierre Tardif , Lonnie Tettaton , Jeff Meadows , and Burrito Breath ,

$450.00 / On Sale

Save over $50 with this collection of goods to get going with the most needed supplies and references in sign painting (besides paint!)

797 big brush set sizes 4,5,6,8
Hi Flier brush set sizes 0,2,4,5,6,8
Wall hogs brush set
Streamliner brush set
Brush Oil (ships as empty container for out of USA orders )
Pounce Pad - 1
Speed Lettering book
Rapid Brush Lettering book
Script Lettering book
Block Lettering book
Casual Lettering book
Truck Lettering book

** pounce pad & Sticker designs may vary depending what colors/designs we have in stock.

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