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I have taken on to bring the world information, either educational or entertaining on the subject of Sign Painting & Hand Lettering. I have been Sign painting for 15 years with 9 years of professional experience. It has been a fortunate path to be taught lessons by many older sign painters. I'm sure I have many more to learn, but am glad to share what I have learned and discovered along the way.

 We sell new and old sign painting books, booklets, pamphlets, and posters. Currently we are selling back stock of Lonnnie Tettaton books from the 1980's. Lonnie shipped out two pallet's of old brand new books and booklets, and we are making them available to the public once again! Lonnie wanted me to carry on the tradition of making booklets and sharing the knowledge of sign painting. He learned a few things from ol' EC Matthews in his day, and even ended up re-printing  a few of his books, as well as selling off EC's Old stock of books. When Lonnie shipped out the booklets, he even sent a few unbound copies of EC's original books. A few months later, after inviting Lonnie to submit a piece to a Sign Painting Art show in Santa Ana California at Marcas Gallery, Lonnie Called to see how the show went. I let him know it went well, and he was happy to hear it. That was the last time I talked to Lonnie, he passed away the next day. 

Looking forward to a lifelong project in the works you are invited to  keep in touch, and check in every once in a while to see where things are at. And of course, thanks again for supporting this project! It's a delight to buy, sell & create books on a the wonderful subject of sign painting. 

Colt Bowden