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925 Series


Our new 925 series with newly developed full synthetic hair. Available in our introductory sizes 9,2 & 5, these brushes will have you covered all day long in most any sign job you can think of. They offer a good snap, sharp chisel and a smooth brush stroke that can handle lettering on a variety of surfaces, from glass to painted wood.

23 December 2023 *** Running low on current stock, and more brushes are currently in production and will be shipped when they arrive to us! Any orders with 925 brushes in them will be shipped when new stock arrives. If you need the rest of your order sooner, please contact us!

[email protected]

  • Size 9 85%
  • Size 5 75%
  • Size 2 65%
  • Set (sizes 5,2 & 9) Sold Out