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Flying Squirrel leather gilders pads


Bespoke hand crafted leather gilders pads. These pads will help you to hold your gold leaf, cut gold leaf, and has finger straps to make for a portable holder when gilding on the job site. Great for gilding windows and transoms. To help, I have also made it a bit smaller than most pads on the market to fit easier in a sign kit or in your hand or on a ladder. Use a rubber band to keep your book of gold secure as well.

(Gilders tip not included*)
(Ribbon and tack color may vary**)


*rubber band, gilding tips, burnishing brushes and hand model not included in purchase.

Available in red, white, brown, green(s), blue(s), grey, tan and yellow!

Leather supplies by Langlitz Leather of Portland Oregon. Hand made by the Bowden family in McMinnville Oregon

  • Red 33%
  • Light Blue Sold Out
  • Greenish grey with grey ribbon Sold Out
  • Black 60%
  • Yellow 100%
  • White 100%
  • Brown Sold Out
  • Dark Grey Sold Out
  • Tan 100%
  • Dark Green Sold Out
  • Dark Blue Sold Out
  • Purple Sold Out